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No one likes to lose.  No one likes to spend countless hours practicing  only to fall short of their goal of winning.  Are you doing all you can for success?  If all you do is play the game day in and and day out, then the answer is “NO!”  Every athlete HAS TO spend time improving their strength, speed, agility, conditioning, flexibility and balance in the weight room or field with a strength and conditioning coach. EVERY player at the top of their sport does it.  Micheal Jordan, Drew Brees, Troy Polamalu, A-Rod, etc. all have worked with strength and conditioning coaches. Why aren’t you?  Maybe you’re not really committed to being the best you can be. Quit sabotaging your own success! Get committed and join our Sport Specific Training Program!

Sport Specific Training is a specialty program designed to make the client better at the sport they are playing. He or she wants that edge to give them the best chance of winning against their competitors or achieving a personal best. Parents can give their child a better chance of winning too. It can be done either on a One on One basis or as a Group of athletes/team mates/friends, playing the same sport.
Whether you are training for a sports combine, trying to get in shape for your collegiate or high school season, or just trying to improve your weekend tennis game, we have the right program to get you where you need to be to perform at the top of your game.
You will be working one on one with a coach that will design a specific program for your sport, position, and skill level.

This is a partial list of the training you will be involved in:

• Increased Vertical Jump
• Improved Running Mechanics For Faster Sprint Times
• Agility Training For Quick Feet, Direction Change and Body Position
• Sport and Position Specific Conditioning
• Improved Linear & Lateral Speed
• Decreased Chance of Injury
• Medicine Ball, Plyometric, Core Strength Training
• Balance & Coordination Training

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