The Revolution Training Program is in a class format of up to ten people. It is designed and implemented by one of our personal trainers, who will see that you do all exercises correctly and that you are pushed to your limits. The energy is kept up by the trainer and his motivation and the high energy music pumping through our sound system. The Revolution is easier to adapt for de-conditioned individuals or those with injuries such as bad knees, lumbar pain, rotator cuff pain, etc than our boot camp program mentioned below. It can be a small step below our boot camps in intensity or we can turn it up to make it just as hard.

It incorporates resistance training, cardiovascular training, plyometrics, core and flexibility work at the same time. You go from one station to the next, no rest, no conversations, just a hard, but fun workout. The stations may be a Cybex weight machine, free weights, a Spin bike, a running in place rebounder, a jump rope, a plyometric platform, etc. We are always changing the program to insure that your body doesn’t adapt to it and benefits just keep on coming. It is designed to work all aspects needed to improve ones over-all physical conditioning in a time efficient, affordable manner. Come with a friend or co-worker. It’s a great team builder.


Monday through Friday: 9:00AM and 6:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM
Classes will be added when necessary!

We can adapt our group programs to work with people of all ages and physical abilities. The cost is very affordable. So, call or email and sign up today!!! The variety we offer in the programs we run and the options we have when it comes to holding classes indoors or outdoors, not to mention the expertise and experience of our trainers, adds up to a great value for getting in shape.


$150/Month Unlimited Sessions or $15.00 Drop In Fee



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