Personal Trainer Pricing At Bodysport Las Vegas

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• One on One Personal Training
• Partner Training Program
• Revolution Training Program and Boot Camps
• Sport Specific Training
• Fundamentals of Youth Speed, Agility, Strength and Conditioning

Personal Training Program Investment:

All our sessions are one hour long. 

Take note that our one-on-one sessions are truly one-on-one. Don’t be confused by trainers that advertise low prices and only work with you for half an hour. Also, don’t fall for being charged for an hour session that consists of half an hour of personal instruction and then half an hour of cardio while the trainer works with another client, a common practice in the industry.

You get what you pay for. At Bodysport, you are a VIP and you deserve better. If you want the best training, the most complete program and the most personalized attention, that’s what you’ll get at Bodysport Fitness and Sport Performance Training!”

Revolution Training & Boot Camp

Single session 15.00 paid per session

Unlimited Classes @ 150.00 per month

Unlimited Classes EFT @ 125.00 per month

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One on One Personal Training

Single Session 65.00 each

12 sessions @ 50.00 each

24 sessions @ 45.00 each

36 sessions @ 40.00 each

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Partner Training (Per Person Per Session)

Single session 50.00 each

12 sessions @ 30.00 each person

24 sessions @ 27.50 each person

36 sessions @ 25.00 each person

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ATHLETE PROGRAM: A special program designed to make athletes better at the sport they play so they can dominate the competition and possibly move on to the college or even professional level, a cutting edge program that will make athletes stronger, faster, more explosive, more agile and better conditioned.

ONE ON ONE TRAINING(PER HOUR): Same as “One on One” Training Above

GROUP TRAINING: $125.00/month unlimited sessions

OPEN GYM MEMBERSHIPS: There are a very limited number of open gym memberships available to those that want the convenience of being able to workout on their own.

MONTHLY FEE:$25.00/month with a one time $25.00 initiation fee, no long term contracts, restrictions apply.

DAY PASS: We also have day passes available for those of you that want to come in and get in a quick workout while you wait for your child to finish their class or for your scheduled league game to start:

DAILY FEE: Cardio Only: $5.00 Full Pass: $10.00. Restrictions apply.

HOT HULA CARDIO CLASSES: Thursdays @ 7PM – 2nd & 4th weeks of the month.

HOT FUSION CARDIO CLASSES: Thursdays @ 7PM – 1st, 3rd & 5th weeks of the month.

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“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise and good nutrition will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, speech (1873)