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Destanae Personal Trainer client at Bodysport Performance Training image of athletes

Dear Mel Fabros & Gerard Fabros:
I am writing this letter to let you know that I am extremely grateful for all the support and assistance you have given me. It has been close to three years now that I have had the privilege of working with the two of you.
The training given to me was invaluable. From the start of working with you two my personal records in the shot put, discuss improved tremendously. The techniques taught to me not only increased my distance but improved my form, balance and quickness tremendously.
The improvements proved to be noticeable as I received various athletic scholarship offers from several Division I Universities. I am pleased to inform you that on February 3, 2010 I signed a letter of intent to compete on in the Mountain West Conference for the University of Utah Track and Field Team this Fall.
Again I would like to THANK YOU for assisting me in getting this far in my career as a student athlete.  I am confident that you have provided me with a solid foundation to build on as I enter into my collegiate thrower.
Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your time, assistance and most importantly the knowledge you have provided to me.
If there is anyone who is considering becoming a better athlete, I strongly urge them to try Body Sports Fitness Center!
Sincerely and gratefully,
Destanae Davis
Class of 2010

Alfonso before and after photo

“I started training at Bodysport about 3 years ago with wife. I was overweight and sedentary and knew I needed to change my life if I wanted to live longer and happier. I was intimidated at first because I was in my 50’s and haven’t worked out for about 20 years. Bodysport’s trainers eased my fears by easing me into a program. They carefully explained form and technique and didn’t let me do more than I could handle. But, each time I came back they would push me a little harder to test my ability. In about a year, through their workout program and nutritional guidance, I lost over 60 pounds working out with them! But more importantly, I got stronger, faster and more agile. My cardiovascular health and endurance grew. I felt years younger and more confident. I’ve stayed with Bodysport and got my adult children to come because they’ve kept me in shape amd I love the way they are constantly varying my training programs to keep me challenged and interested. They have me so confident in my abilities that I am going to run a Spartan Race in 2015 with my family!!!”

– Alfonso

Celissa before and after photos with trainers from Bodysport of Las Vegas, Nevada

“In 4 months I’ve lost 30lbs at Bodysport Fitness Center through their Group Fitness Progran and with their nutritional guidance! You may think its bold of me to post my “before” pictures, but I’ve seen so many “before” and “after”pictures that have inspired me. I hope my photos will help inspire people too. I’m not where I want to be yet and still have my cheat days, but will continue working on it, because I’m determined to be the best I can be:) I’ve learned that you don’t have to starve or deprive yourself of what you want, just use control in your choices. Remember there isn’t anything wrong with you, but if you don’t like where you are you have the ability to change it. Do it for you and no one else ? ”

– Celissa

Bodysport client testimonial before and after-280x145

“I came to Bodysport Fitness Center with an ambitious goal that others were skeptical about. Working out with their personal training, I was able to lose 110 lbs. in less than a year. It was fun, I looked forward to every appointment. They pushed me to the limit and worked with my limitations. I’ll never forget that year of hard and rewarding work. I certainly recommend it to anyone looking to make an improvement in their level of fitness.”

“Last December, I was 325 pounds. Then I made the decision to lose weight, get healthier and take control of my life.  I signed up with Bodysport Fitness Center’s personal training. With their training and nutritional guidance, I’ve changed my life. I’m much healthier, look better and feel good about myself. Last weekend, I was 215 pounds and ran a half marathon in Denver!  I’m so much happier than I was before and glad I invested in myself.  It’s money well spent!!!”

– Chris Rile

Steve Kim Bodysport Fitness Training Testimonial

“Mel and his staff did an amazing job with helping me prepare for the Olympia Men’s Physique contest last year. With their coaching and dieting advice, I placed 7th out of 80 contestants! Going for gold next year 😉 Thanks again guys.”

– Steve Kim

Show Dancer (Chippendale’s, Men of X, American Storm)

group of girls playing soccer 575x361

Almost two years ago my father Gary brought me to Bodysport Fitness Center after I had blown out the ACL of my second knee. They put me through a rehab and strengthening program for both knees. After an initial phase of strengthening and confidence building they stepped it up and got me even stronger and more explosive. Under Gerry’s direction, I worked hard and became more athletic than before my ACL tears. It was tough at times, but they also kept me motivated. Because of the training and motivation, I was able to help my team, the Arbor View Aggies to the state championship! This year, in Fall 2015, I’ll be going to college at Cal State Bakersfield on a scholarship. I can’t thank Bodysport Fitness Center and its trainers, especially Gerry for all the help. I believe in them so much I referred several other team mates to them!

Here’s a link to an article written about Haley:

Joy photo before and after

Joy Fajardo — Amazing Boot camp sessions with accommodating schedules. Excellent and down to earth trainers. Results are evident!
As a mom of two kids in my thirties, my weight loss became stagnant and needed that extra boost. With great trainers, both in boot camp and nutrition (Advocare), I was able to see results in the most healthiest way– A healthy lifestyle that is doable with energy that is consistent. Family is important to me. To be healthy so I can watch my kids grow up and be an active part in their lives is something I enjoy. I’m a Very satisfied client!

Photo Mia client at Bodysport Fitness

Minja Vikić Mijan — Bodysport – best gym in town! Thank you for helping me recover from an injury I sustained during an ineffective and repetitive program and making me stronger and faster post injury so that I not only finished the races I entered but performed better than ever. Most importantly, being surrounded by motivating, positive, knowledgeable team of trainers and fellow boot campers is what keeps me coming back time after time making Bodysport my favorite playground in town!

mervat 575x865

Mervat Berry — I absolutely love Body Sport for many reasons!! They have several unique pieces of equipment, a clean and open gym environment, no one is going to yell at you for having a small bag by your side like LVAC, and most importantly, an extremely knowledgeable and caring staff that each specialize in their own department such as health and nutrition, endurance training, competition prep, strength training, weight training, form and exercise fundamentals and so much more! I have been training with Bodysport for over two years and I will continue to train there for many more years ? Thank you for the amazing experience.

kenny Trainer

Kenny Pippenger — Mel, is one of the best trainers in Las Vegas. He has what it takes to train all levels of athletes. Its hard to find this level of training in this valley.
Ken Pippenger Mr. San Jose 2003

Testimonial cheyenne on stage

Cheyenne Marie Tarleton-Colon — Bodysport. All the way!

Testimonial doneshia 400x600

Doneshia Msegyptshari Crowder — Been with Mel and Bodysport Fitness for 3 years now and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I love not being ruled by a contract, I love not having to worry about creeps trying to holla, or fake gymmies (the people who go to the gym just to meet their next ex or show off their new gym clothes)… just normal people teaching their goals #gottaloveit ?

Bodysport Testimonial

Bryan T Hackett — Best place around! Why go anywhere else! I trust them to keep me in shape to perform. Can’t wait to go back!

Matt Black — Bodysport has everything to offer and then some! I personally train there for the strength and conditioning equipment that you don’t have at conventional gyms plus the knowledgeable staff there to educate and assist you. The bootcamps are top notch and overall atmosphere is the best in town!!! Definitely check Bodysport out and get the results you desire!!

Athlete kylie

Kylie Perry — I came to Bodysport Fitness Center when I was in high school to try to improve my goalkeeping performance for a college soccer scholarship. Mel designed a unique program for my athletic needs. My vertical jump, speed, and strength increased greatly which in turn positively impacted my performance on the field! Bodysport was a huge factor in helping me reach my goal of playing college soccer (at UNLV) where I was successful as their goalkeeper for 4 years. I was extremely prepared when I got there and am so thankful for Mel and Bodysport! Bodysport truly cares about individual needs no matter what program a person enters. In my offseason, have also attended some of the boot camps and have trained there. I was never disappointed and always had a tough workout. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone in town!!! They (especially Mel) have no idea how much they have done for me.

Personal Trainer Sam

Sam Van Horn — This is by far the best place to train your clients! Any good trainer needs to be here, especially if you specialize in any area. The rent for trainers is set up for you to control your own business and not give away up to 75% like some other gyms.

braunson Lilly Trainer Client Testimonial pulling cables in image

Braunson Lilly —  I have been a Trainer/Nutritionist/Life Coach for over 6 years now and I have placed my business inside other gyms over the years, but have never felt so at home than I do at Bodysport. This place has it all and you can just simply be yourself. Kudos to both Mel and Gerry!

Jeremy Huber — I have been going to Bodysport since 2009 and I would not be the athlete I am today with out the training of Mel and Gerry. They have helped me become the best athlete I can on the lacrosse field and are readily preparing me for Division 1 lacrosse at Johns Hopkins. I am so appreciative to have had them train me.

Robin Leach — Love Mel & his work. The best! Ignore jealous one-star rival. Mel is the class act! (Yes, THE Robin Leach)

Kelli Michelle Childers — I’ve been attending the gym on and off for years now. Mel and his team of trainers are amazing! Bodysport, you rock! Thank you for whipping me into shape!

Nensi Barisic — The place to get results! Bodysport gets it done!

Rob Vasquez — Mel is a superstar owner and trainer who always gives his clients the best of everything in order to achieve our fitness goals. Facilities, equipment, trainers, education, motivation, you name it. Bodysport Fitness has it all.

Hillary Gibson — I have really enjoyed my workouts with the group boot camp training at Body Sport. The staff is tough in an encouraging way and very motivational! In a few short weeks I have already seen results and feel great! Happy training!

Patti Davis-Lyman — Best gym in vegas! Boot camp works you hard at you individual fitness level. Love it!

Jessie Jmo Moore — I love this gym! Great energy filled with great people!!

Kelly Martin — This has to be the best gym I’ve been in the whole time I’ve spent in Las Vegas!!

Megan Koloskie — I LOVE Bodysport! Always have a great work out and positive experience! My trainer Mel is amazing ? would never go to another gym again!

Debbie Sandelman Sandler — Great facility with an experienced, knowledgeable staff providing training, nutritional guidance and motivation to meet your goals! Definitely a 5 star place to train!!

Jennifer Webb —Mel is a fabulous trainer! My stepmom goes here and looks GREAT. I can’t wait to see the results on myself! Thanks Mel!

Jessica Verrochi — What an AMAZING workout with only the best, Mel!!!! We love you! Can’t wait to come back and get our butts kicked again!

Gabriel Mendez — Awesome getting ready for Tough Mudder!!! These guys are the best!!!

Felicia Zeeh — Mel knows how to get his clients pumped! Great music and classes every day so it fits in anyone’s schedule.

Valarie Vanario-Mullins — Mel is an awesome trainer, and super knowledgeable! He’s also a really, really nice dude. Whatever your fitness level needs, he will customize an amazing program for you. You can’t go wrong training at Bodysport with Mel!!!

Jamie Webb — I like Mel!!!

Bri Marie Marino — Mel and Gerry have both trained me and been an amazing help. They have really taught me how to stay in shape and ultimately helped me feel better about myself. This is a great place to workout and they have amazing trainers who are more than willing to help you achieve your goal whatever it may be.

Katy Veneris — I love Bodysport! My body has never looked as good as when I train with Mel! Can’t wait to get back to Vegas and get my booty in shape. Their positive energy and you can do it attitude make working out way more enjoyable …especially for someone like me who really hates working out. Bodysport turns that hate to love ?

Roy Robinos — Bodysport Fitness Center is the best gym in Las Vegas! Mel and Gerry have years of experience to help you achieve your fitness goals!!

Marisa Keli’i — Mel and his trainers are amazing!!!

Alex Noble — Bodysport is an outstanding facility, has extremely helpful staff, and is in my opinion the best gym I’ve been a part of in Vegas. Body sport has done a lot for me the past couple years I’ve been going there. Freshman year I was cut from my school team, Bishop Gorman who is now currently ranked 14 in the country in terms of basketball. I spent the whole summer going to Jerry and Mel on a daily basis and they really improved me physically and mentally; and after a summer of hard work I made the team this year and had a very fun season. All thanks to the work I put in over the summer. Thank You Mel and Jerry for letting me become a part of your great program and I look forward for what’s to come

Ron Medsker Kaufenberg — Best place to workout in Vegas!!

Mike Dupaix — Awesome place!!

Leox Santos — I really would like to be part of.the Team of trainers in this place.thats a great place to work out

Cristina Beaudette — I absolutely love this place! Everyone here is focused and gives it their all to push through it. Boot camp is sure to challenge you, yet you feel empowered by great trainers.

Bill Marino — Great place to train. Mel and Gerry are awesome!! They worked with both my son and daughter.

Patricia Vigil-Planas — This place has everything you need and then some! Cool indoor training options to stay out of the Las Vegas heat. People are very down to earth and very helpful. Never too busy to answer questions and always very knowledgeable….if they don’t know, they will research and get back to you with the answer…something for everyone at every training level.

Rhonda Ward — This gym offers something for everyone and every fitness level…

Brian Herbert —This is an awesome place for personal trainers to train clients because the staff is friendly, it’s always clean and it’s very private. Also, they have great equipment for everyone from someone wanting to lose weight to a person wanting to perform better in sports. Highly recommended

Noli Gavino — I have known Mel for over 20 years and he has always demonstrated a very high level of fitness and good health. He carries this personal commitment in every aspect of professional fitness training that members are sure to enjoy and benefit from. I would highly recommend Mel to anyone just starting to get in shape to those that want to maximize their potential.

Annie PT — This is such a great place to workout. There is a program for everyone’s needs, weight loss, sport performance, physique competition, power lifting, etc. The staff is great. They listen to what the client’s goals are, and not try to impose what they like to do on them. I came to Mel for one on one training to get me in supreme pool shape because that’s how I work at a pool and night club. He got me in the best shape ever. I did try their group and boot camp programs back when they offered one through Groupon, but they are even more effective now that Mel, Matt, Elaine and Gerry are doing all the classes.

Vicky C. Lopez — Awesome Boot camps! Love the patience that Gerry, Elaine and Mel have, they take the time to explain how to do each exercise correctly, especially to those beginners, like me ? I’ve been doing their boot camps for awhile, but still learning new things all the time. Elaine is an awesome nutritionist; she’s taken the time to sit with us and explain better ways of eating and given us great suggestions on meal plans. The workouts, Advocare vitamins and the new way of eating has helped me lose 17 pounds in 5 weeks! Thanks guys, I feel great!

Kelli Biletsky Zucker — One word: Transformation. You can go to any gym. You can work out everyday, but Mel and his amazing staff of trainers will show you how to eat right, use proper form and get the most out of your workout. I have never felt so strong and lean. There is no gym better then this place. Your body and mirror will thank you for it. I promise!

Teri Palochak — Bodysport Fitness Center is the best gym in Vegas! Awesome group and individual training sessions. The best circuit training, boot camps, and… they even have Power Plate training available too! Train insane at Bodysport!

Terry Goodlad — I have been training clients and myself at and using Bodysport for many of the fitness magazine photoshoots I have done since they first opened at the old location. The owner is truly committed to fitness, very knowledgeable, but most of all very personable and professional. It’s not your big mega-gym, it’s truly a one on one kind of place and even the group training is like training with a bunch of friends.

Nick Laconico — Great staff! Mel and Gerry really know their stuff and they genuinely care about the people they train. 100% best in the business

Oscar Chaltiel — Great gym!!! Bodysport Introduced me into specialised sports training and lifting weights and I have carried on since.

Kenny Ratliff — At body sport Mel is an excellent fitness trainer he will help you achieve your goals. One on one training is superb one of the best trainers I’ve ever met. Keep up the good work Mel!

Samantha Dolbee — Mel and his team run a great fitness center. I am attending the boot camps that kick my ass!! (In a fabulous way) I purchased the Groupon special and I would like to keep coming back after that is over. Though it is a little far from home it’s worth it. Everyone is so motivating and encouraging. Boot camp is always different and never boring. I went to boot camp through the army several years ago and have let my self go. In my opinion, If you do it right, Mel’s boot is more intense than the physical training I went through in the military. It’s great. I love it here!

Krysta Hamby — The best place for a red face and tiny waist ! Bodysport has by far the best heart racing workouts in town . Thank you to the wonderful Mel Fabros for never failing to kick my butt into better shape ?

Luis Planas — Awesome place to workout and the crew there are the most professional and friendly staff ever. They are about helping you achieve your fitness goals and make you work for everything you get they don’t feed you false hope they feed you truth and encouragement .

Felix C. Robinos — When I travel to Vegas I always make a stop to workout at Bodysport Fitness Center. The staff is friendly and great and I get a great workout every time I go there. Being Diabetic means I have to workout as much as I can and Mel has helped me bring my blood sugars down by offering me his training and diet advices.

Jakob Lagarde — Bodysport gym is one of the most entertaining and beneficial gyms I have ever been too. From the classes to the instructors to the people who workout there, everything is full of energy and everyone is really nice. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone.

Linda Bouch — I started at Body Sport Fitness October 18th. I feel more at home in this club than I ever did anywhere else. I love the support from all the trainers and fellow members. Since I started in October I have lost 3 inches in my hips and 1 inch in my waist and 5 pounds overall. I have completely changed what and how I eat. More importantly I have gained confidence and strength. Thank you for all you do Mel, Gerry Alex and the rest of the team! This is definitely a program I can and will stick with! Happy New Year!

Jay Man — Love training at this place!

Jamie Murray — Bodysport Fitness Center has an amazing staff that strives to make each boot camp session a rewarding challenge, that gives you a total body workout! Their instruction is differentiated to meet your needs and you are encouraged to push yourself at your level. In addition, the other boot campers are a fun, encouraging group that I look forward to seeing each time, too!

Rachel Baxa — I love everyone at body sport fitness. They have changed my life

Monika Lagarde — I just had to post to say what a phenomenal instructor Mel is. His classes are challenging for all who attend. He manages to differentiate the workout for all levels as well as make sure our form and technique are correct to prevent injury. I was impressed when I first started and he took the time out to check to see how I felt afterward and if the class was challenging enough. He is a great fitness role model as well and that is why I have also brought my two sons to Bodysport. Recently my husband joined us to make it a complete family affair and ,true to form, Mel was there encouraging us all. Mel again showed what a professional and courteous person he is by following up to see how my husband was feeling and if he enjoyed the class. Thank you Mel for providing such a great environment and a healthy outlet for my family! All of the instructors here are amazing so it doesn’t matter what class you attend, you will get a great workout! If you want a challenge with motivational and knowledgeable people, this is the place for you!

Matthew Tanico — Bodysport is great and new facility makes it even better. I’ve attended the bootcamp classes and have never regretted it once. Thank you Mel & Gerry for not taking it easy on me!

Marianne Tandle — They have awesome workouts!!

Renee Vandenburg Cuellar — Thank you Mel for the one on one training, you helped me realize I can do more than I think I can do.

Chris Rile — I came to Bodysport Fitness Center with an ambitious goal that others were skeptical about. Working out with their personal training, I was able to lose 110 lbs. in less than a year. It was fun, I looked forward to every appointment. They pushed me to the limit and worked with my limitations. I’ll never forget that year of hard and rewarding work. I certainly recommend it to anyone looking to make an improvement in their level of fitness.

Neisha Lyons — This is the cleanest gym I’ve ever been to. I love Alex and Mel’s boot camp classes. They make every experience feel like teamwork.

Jon Whitehead — Bodysport bootcamps have been excellent. I’ve been going the past 4 months and have found a welcoming, friendly atmosphere along with getting me fitter. Mel, Alex and Matt are great trainers who vary the sessions to make each one unique.

Katrina Koh — I’ve known Mel for more than 25 years, and I have not met a person more dedicated to fitness and promoting good health! If you want a physical trainer that focuses on your well being and personal needs, Mel is the trainer you want! With his knowledge, great personality, integrity and a new facility, what more can you ask for?! He and BodySport deserve the highest rating!!

Dan Boado — Mel and Body Sport Fitness is the epitome of Diet, Health and Exercise. He is Loyal to his family and especially his clients achieving maximum results. Continue your hard work and dedication!
A U.S. Army Soldier
” Fear None ”

Kory Gettin Ripped — This is the best gym ever. Mel is the best!

Monica R Gargano — Being a vet, I came in expecting the boring stuff… I explained my hesitation and they did not let down. Other people or companies claim to be vets or vet associated… The majority lie. This place stepped up and came close to home. That is why I recommend them… I miss that life but they remind me of it without pretending to be someone else. I will recommend them to other vets and friends. It’s one thing to pretend and another to show a difference….



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