Obstacle Course Race Training Gym Las Vegas

For the past 7 years the sport of obstacle racing has created a wave of excitement and challenge throughout the USA and other parts of the world. There are races in and around Las Vegas produced by Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, The Bad Ass Dash, The Devil Dash etc.  The reason for the popularity is this type of racing reaches out to a tremendous cross section of active demographics, who want to compete in something but not spend all their time training.
While the demographics are somewhat different than say marathoning or triathloning, the men and women who decide to scale the climbing obstacles, wade through the mud, dodge barbed wire, crawl through tunnels, climb steep walls, and have some fun along the way exemplify why this sport has grown so fast and furious. A person can get trained enough to finish within a few weeks since most courses are 5K to 8K in distance. But if you want to finish as a Beast with a respectable time, you need to train for obstacle racing.  Bodysport is offering a training program for the obstacle racing events.

Participating in Bodysport’s Obstacle Racing Program will offer the athlete the training required not only to finish, but dominate a race.  We focus on helping you get the strength, the agility, the endurance and most importantly the confidence required for racing.  In training we will have you do things that are just as hard if not harder than various components of each race.  That way you will not be surprised and feel overwhelmed on race day. We may bring you down just a little bit, but that’s only because we’re going to build you up to be stronger!
Our primary race trainer is Matt Black.  He is a veteran of the three classes of the Spartan Races, the Sprint, the Super and the Beast.  He has also done the Tough Mudder, the Bad Ass Dash, the Devil Dash and several other smaller but just as challenging, races.  He knows just how hard to push to build up your abilities and confidence without taking you to complete failure.

tuff mudder obstacle race training image

Here are some of Matt’s Obstacle Race Accomplishments:

5 Spartan Race Supers
2 Spartan Race Sprints (2014 Malibu 23rd Place Overall)
1 Spartan Race Beast
2 Tough Mudders
1 Devil
Dash (12th Place Overall)
1 Bad Ass Dash (4th Place Overall)
1 Rugged Maniac (16th Place Overall)
1 Scott Fire Fighter Combat Challenge
1 Ragnar Race
1 Gut Check Challenge

To help the Las Vegas Community do well in the Las Vegas Super Spartan this April we will be offering a FREE Obstacle Race Preparation(OCR) session every Sunday morning.  The exact time and location will be announced here and on our public FACEBOOK PAGE.  Please “Like” the page if you are on Facebook.
If you need more training than just once a week, sign up for our OCR Training package.  You can then train two more times a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm with Matt. Once you sign up, you can book your classes online:



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