Reverse Hyperextensions with Mel Fabros

Mel demonstrates his unique equipment for reverse hyperextensions.

Exercise: Reverse Hyperextension Machine
Category: Supplemental
Muscles targeted: Glutes, lower back, and hamstrings

This exercise is regarded by many strength coaches as being the best lower back, hamstring, and glute exercise. This is because it allows you to train all these muscles in unison. This is important because the muscles of the posterior chain are the same muscles responsible for running and jumping.

This is performed on a special bench invented by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell Club. This exercise is also being use for rehabilitation purposes for those with back problems or herniated disks. This is because the bench decompresses the disks when the weights are in the midpoint position. To perform this exercise, there is a strap that wraps around your ankles or you place your ankles between rollers. You jump on the bench with your face down. Your entire torso is supported by the bench. This allows for your legs to hang down at a 90 degree angle. You perform the movement by contracting your glutes and raising you legs up to a horizontal position.

At this point, you try to contract your glutes and lower back as tight as possible. Then you lower the weight past the 90 degree starting point to a position where your ankles are in alignment with your head. This is the point where the disks are stretched apart to allow fluid to enter the joints.



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