Youth Speed, Agility, Strength and Conditioning

Youth Speed, Agility, Strength and Conditioning, an offshoot of our Sport Specific Training, is designed to instruct children and young adults the fundamentals of working out to get faster, more agile, stronger and have more endurance, so that they can play sports better and raise their level of fitness. As an added benefit, these students end up looking better, feeling better about themselves and having increased self esteem and self confidence. This may be just the thing they need to have an easier time coping with the pressures of growing up and attending middle school and high school. Class sizes will be limited so that we can insure students get the attention they deserve so they can learn properly. Remember, it only takes a few repetitions to learn to do something incorrectly and have that pattern ingrained in your brain and neuromuscular pathways. Unlearning the wrong way of doing something however, can take hundreds or even thousands of correct repetitions. So learn to do it right the first time!

Below is Gerry working with a Western High School Football Player on improving the eccentric loading portion of his jump.  This is very important for overall athletic performance because in sports, it not only matters how high you jump, but how fast you jump and how fast after a jump you can jump again.  Think about suddenly stopping on a pass route and immediately jumping for the football.  Or going for a rebound against another player and you both miss.  First one back up gets the ball!

Western High Running Back and Defensive Back Working on Vertical Explosiveness!!!

We are the Official Strength and Conditioning Center of the Las Vegas Knights Semi Pro Soccer Team



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