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Bodysport Group Fitness Program

Bodysport Group Fitness was established in 2008 and has worked with thousands of people.  It is designed to burn fat, tone muscle and get you in the best shape of your life.  We strive to help you be the best you can be and meet all your fitness goals, whether it be to get strong, get lean, get healthy, prepare for an obstacle/endurance race and/or just feel better about yourself.

Bodysport Boot Camp Group Fitness Program clients have lost up to 100 pounds and can do things they haven’t been able to do for many years.   Our motivating instructors have been training clients for 10 years or more and have worked with everyone from de-conditioned elderly clients who just want to stay mobile to professional athletes vying for a million dollar contract.  The UNLV Rebel Girls and the Las Vegas Locomotion, and several high school dance and sport teams have not only trusted us and our boot camp to make them look their best, but make sure they have the physical ability to do all their complex dance, gymnastic moves and athletic ability.  We’ve worked with several high school sport teams too and have helped several athletes to get college scholarships.  Let us work with you to ACHIEVE all your fitness goals, then we’ll help you EXCEED them!  Challenge yourself to look and feel your best and we’ll get you there.

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Bodysport Group Fitness Program is hard enough for professional athletes, MMA fighters and weekend warriors to get their butts kicked, yet adaptable enough for a 60 year old grandmother with bad knees to get through.
Our co-ed, one hour  Boot Camp Group Fitness Program sessions are designed to get you a lean, hard body.  We use our knowledge and experience as certified personal trainers to design a program that is fun and to get you to look good, not harass you and make you feel like you can’t keep up.  You will be pushed for the hour long boot camp class, but you’ll have fun too.  And you’ll develop a sense of camaraderie with your fellow boot campers as you conquer different challenges together.
Mel, Gerry and Elaine Goodlad, IFBB Pro and Nutritional expert, Matt Black, Tiffany Lilly are our primary teachers.
You never know what to expect when you come to class.  Elements of upper body strength training exercises, kickboxing, battle ropes, TRX, spinning, yoga and core training have been added. We always change things up and introduce new elements to keep your progress on track. The body is a highly adaptive machine. Do the same thing over and over and your results will plateau. We’re taking you to new heights!!! Boot camp may be inside or outside, calisthenics or weight based or we may go to the flood basin nearby.  Don’t worry, we’re not mean enough to have you do it when there is water in the basin!
Elaine my have you do one of her booty and leg shaping, arm toning, crazy cardio circuit training routines or she just may run you up and down the flood basin ramps.

Elaine may have you do one of her booty and leg shaping, arm toning, crazy cardio circuit training routines or she just may run you up and down the flood basin ramps.

Mel may put you through on of his sport based speed, agility, plyometric and conditioning workouts that will make you reminisce about the days you played school sports.

Gerry may have you go through one of his functional training, propioceptive  routines or circuit training that challenge your strength, balance and coordination.

Matt, an endurance and obstacle race enthusiast and absolute beast at whatever he does, will surprise you with race specific, sport specific or calisthenic and weight based workouts designed to get you healthier and look better.

Tiffany may put you through a Booty Blast, Core and Balance or plyometric based workout with elements of weightlifting, sport training, yoga and core training thrown in.

One thing is for certain every time you come take a Bodysport Fitness Boot Camp Workout.  You will get a muscle toning, fat burning, spirit challenging workout that you’ll be proud to say you finished.  Then, you’ll come back for more because you’ll love it and the people you take it with.  We are one big family, supporting and pushing each other to be our very best!!!  Come on down, try a class and get in the best shape of your life.

Boot Camp and Group Fitness Workout

Our Boot Camp Classes:

Incorporate resistance training, cardiovascular training, plyometrics, core and flexibility work at the same time. You go from one station to the next, no rest, no conversations, just a hard, but fun workout. The stations may be a Cybex weight machine, free weights, a Spin bike, a running in place rebounder, a jump rope, a plyometric platform, etc. We are always changing the program to insure that your body doesn’t adapt to it and benefits just keep on coming. It is designed to work all aspects needed to improve ones over-all physical conditioning in a time efficient, affordable manner. Come with a friend or co-worker. It’s a great team builder.


Monday through Friday: 6:00AM, 9:00AM and 6:00PM
Monday, Wednesday Friday: 5:00AM
Saturday: 9:00AM
Classes will be added when necessary!

We can adapt our group programs to work with people of all ages and physical abilities. The cost is very affordable. So, call or email and sign up today!!! The variety we offer in the programs we run and the options we have when it comes to holding classes indoors or outdoors, not to mention the expertise and experience of our trainers, adds up to a great value for getting in shape.

$125/Month Unlimited Sessions or $15.00 Drop In Fee



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