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Bodysport Fitness Center Boot Camp

Have you ever had trouble sticking to an exercise regiment? Have you been unable to afford personal training sessions with a trainer that can give you individualized attention and guide you through the process of getting into shape or increasing your overall physical physique and performance? Perhaps indoor /outdoor boot camp classes at Bodysport Fitness Center might be the perfect fit for you! Why you ask?

There are many benefits to working out in a boot camp setting and we will be going into more detail about what these benefits are and show why boot camp classes have proven to be so effective.

Fitness boot camps never go out of a style for one reason alone:  They are inspired by military boot camps (hence the name) and burn a lot of calories within the group of people taking the class. There is a reason why military boot camps rely on this regiment to get large groups of new recruits into shape.

It typically can last about an hour. Anything more than this does not guarantee that you will see better results and therefore the classes are kept relatively short so that you can get on with your day and give it 100% during that short period of time.

What is a boot camp fitness workout?

They tend to include a mix of things which is great because you don’t limit yourself to one set of exercises and therefore don’t allow your body to get too comfortable (this is important in order to keep your body improving over time). They include strength training (most times by using your own body weight) and aerobic elements. In mostly all workouts, you can expect to do calisthenics, which are workouts such as pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, crunches, sprints, and burpees. The goal, is to keep your heart rate in the fat-burning range (this varies with each person) and so the workout will typically involve a burst of high intensity exercises with a minor break (don’t think “stroll in the park”) so that your heart rate doesn’t get too high.

What should I bring?

Since the goal of a boot camp fitness session is to work out the entire body, you don’t really need anything else other than yourself and a good pair of shoes. Most strength training exercises will be done with your own body weight or with other things that can be either brought by the instructor or are already available. Some boot camps take place at parks and they can therefore use monkey bars to do pulls and other exercises. You should also bring a can-do attitude because you will be working alongside your peers to get through the camp. You can encourage others and offer support when you or they feel that they can no longer go on with the rest of the session.



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