Vertimax All Sports Training System

Bodysport features the Vertimax Sport Training System in it’s athletic strength, speed and explosive training.  Vertimax is currently in use by most major professional and college teams in most every sport.  Vertimax is unparalleled at creating explosiveness and vertical leap in athletes.  Our facility is one of the few facilities in Las Vegas to carry the Vertimax, so take advantage of it for your sport training and give yourself an edge over your competition!!!

Why Vertimax for Sport Training?

Because of this simple mathematical equation:

Force = Muscular Strength (one rep max)
Velocity = Time Rate of Muscle Contraction

With weight training the FORCE element is high, but the VELOCITY (speed) element is minimal.

With plyometrics the VELOCITY element of the power equation is high, but the FORCE (resistance) element is minimal.

Light Load High Speed training employs both a high VELOCITY element and a FORCE element.

This markedly increases RATE of force development – for speed and quickness on the field of play.  Without incorporating Light Load – High Speed Training, there will be significant athletic potential that is never developed or seen.  If you want to be fast, you have to train fast!  It’s not just how strong you are, but how fast can  you generate that strength!

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