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The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real
Losing weight is a battle with a person’s patience, will power, and stamina. People feel defeated and low when they don’t get fast results. Maybe its human nature, but it’s true. Losing weight is the ultimate battle of people who are looking to shed pounds that they gained slowly over the years. Although piling the pounds on is an easier endeavor than shedding it.
Achieving this goal is possible. If you don’t lose hope and determination and with a little bit of optimistic attitude you will lose the weight you put on in no time. Bodysport is here to help get you on an effective training program and a sensible nutrition program to help you.
All Good Things Come in Strides
All the munchies and candy that you ate all those years have come back to haunt you. You don’t like what you see in the mirror and know that it is time to do something about it. There is no fast way to melt the fat, but with hard work anything is possible. Like having to wait 4 years to graduate or 2 years to get a promotion at work, likewise you will have to stay patient in your conquest to lose weight.
Just stick to your objective with consistency and drive and you will lose the weight.
Put the Scale Down
The scale is like an evil stepmother glaring at you when you step on it. After exercising, people have a tendency to step on the scale and look at how much weight they have lost. Sometimes it disappoints them and sometimes it makes them ecstatic. But with unrealistic weight loss expectations, more often than not, it is discouraging.
You should check your weight on a monthly basis. Your trainer or dietitian will also explain to you the reasons you are gaining weight which could be due to water retention, muscle gain, or what foods you need to add or get rid of in your diet.
Don’t Starve Yourself
A common misconception people have is that in order for them to lose a few pounds they need to starve and skip meals. A person has to eat if they want to lose weight because starving oneself will lead the body to put its shield up and capture the calories and convert them into fat, thus making it harder to fight off the pounds.
We can help you come up with a plan which will inform you about what foods you can eat and what food helps increase the metabolism while burning calories. We can make sure you are taking in enough carbs to fuel your daily activity and enough protein to ensure your muscle has the building block it needs to repair itself and get stronger.
Challenge Yourself
Imagine drinking a bitter drink every day, but as each day passes your taste buds adapt to the taste and the drink no longer feels bitter. Therefore, if you run on the treadmill for thirty minutes every day or lift a 10 pound dumbbell your body will adapt and weight loss and muscle conditioning will be at a standstill.
We always vary your training and will push you to challenge yourself during your workouts, while at home you will challenge yourself to try new and healthy foods. Your aim is to fight off the calories that are trying to invade your body, but remember this is a struggle so don’t give up without putting up a fight until you achieve your goal.