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Don Niam was born in Akron, Ohio on August 25, 1954 and went to Firestone High school. Don lettered on the wrestling team and in his senior year the team was sectional champs. Don graduated from the University of Akron with an Associates degree in Marketing.

Don started training in the art of Kung Fu at the age of 19 and opened his first school at the age of 23, he later trained with a Grandmaster in Kensington, Maryland “Tai Yim”. In 1989 Don trained an NFL Team the Cleveland, Browns in special hand techniques for the defensive lineman along with developing more explosive power and faster foot speed. Later Don also trained the University of Akron entire football team to improve overall speed, flexibility and hand eye coordination.

Around that same time period Don took second place in the first Nationally sanctioned Kung Fu tournament in Baltimore, Maryland. Don has been featured in Black Belt magazine and Inside Kung Fu magazine.

In 1990 Don moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and specifically to break into the martial arts films as it was hot at that time. Working on various small parts in some action martial art films and in 1992 Don was the co-star in the movie “Undefeatable” which became a Youtube sensation with over 11 million views.

In the end of October 1996 Don moved back to his home town of Akron, Ohio and opened another Kung Fu school. He developed a workout now on DVD and instant download called Nitro Kick. After a very unfortunate flood in the Cuyahoga valley where the Kung Fu school was, everything was lost including thousands of all new Nitro Kick video tapes. An opportunity arose to move to Las Vegas in 2004. Don has been operating a personal training business at several gyms such as the former Round One Boxing, the former Golds gym, Las Vegas Athletic Club, City Athletic Club and presently here at Bodysport Performance Training which allows Don to not only teach fitness and strength training, but also allows him to teach kickboxing, self defense and traditional Kung Fu all in private sessions.

For more information contact Don direct at 702.610.3896

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