The Partner Training Program is available for two or three friends to sign up together and share the expense in working with their own personal trainer.

If you feel you’re a person that needs a lot of motivation and support to get started working out and eating properly, then grab a friend or two and start a program together!  When one is tired the other can motivate the other to get going.  Also, when it comes to changing nutritional habits, you’re usually away from our watchful eyes and we can’t hold you accountable.  So, it’s easier when two people do it together.
Finally, the partners split the training costs so it much more affordable!  Find a partner and call us today to schedule a partner program consultation to start down the road to getting healthier and looking better, together.
Pricing (per person/per session)

Partner Training
Single Session $50.00 each

12 Sessions @ $30.00 each

24 Sessions @ 27.50 each

36 Sessions @ $25.00 each

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